Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Are you fed up with eating too much or have you felt like you have been dieting all your life?  You are not alone.  To some people the idea of a slimmer, healthy body is something they wish for but have never been able to achieve, or keep for long.

Why not programme yourself to eat less, weigh less and exercise more by using the power of your mind to help you.  You can achieve the body and the shape you want once you know because your mind is amazing and can help you to remove cravings, reduce the amount you eat or change the types of foods you eat.


Can being hypnotised help you lose weight?

You were not born like this.  You have became, as anyone can, programmed by well meaning parents, family, and friends and of course the lovely food companies who want you to believe that you will feel better if you eat their products – full of sugar, not worse!

If your subconscious mind wants to eat ice cream because the underlying belief is that it will make you feel better – you will want to eat ice cream whenever you want to feel better.  You may often fight the urge but will struggle, not due to will power or weakness but because you are fighting the power of your mind.  Why not work with it instead?  Hypnosis can help change this.


The first step to losing weight is simple

Stop dieting – or should I say stop challenging your subconscious mind.  Dieting sets the power of your mind against you and is the reason most people who struggle with diets, ending up fighting themselves, often weighing more than when they first started trying to lose weight.

Healthy eating, exercise and the right mindset work – diets don’t.  But you have a choice, you can keep trying diet after diet, maybe losing weight for a while , then put it back on – or find a better way.

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