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Persuade your mind to do what you want it to do

Edward Arran Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnosis in Oswestry, Shrewsbury & Warrington

Welcome, my name is Edward and I would like to help you to persuade your mind to do what you want it to do.  

Have you tried to change but struggled, or found yourself returning back to those old habits? Have you tried positive thinking or will power but it didn't last?  There is a simple reason for this.  

You wanted to do this but your mind didn't.

Logic tells you to eat healthy food, stop smoking or calm down but the illogical and emotional part of you doesn’t seem to be listening.  This part of your mind is powerful.  It does what it wants, or what it believes is the best thing to do and then keeps doing it.

This happens to everyone, it isn’t just you.  

It makes you feel like you’re fighting yourself and it just seems to keep happening, no matter how hard you try and stop it. Your mind can control you, but there is a way that you can learn how to control it.  Persuade it to help you.

I’ve helped thousands of people be free of bad habits, negative feelings, and unwanted patterns of behaviour and to take control of their own lives.  Some people would tell you it can take a long time to make a significant and lasting change. My clients would tell you otherwise.  

Your mind is fast and can be changed fast.

More and more people are now realising the long term benefits of effective hypnotherapy.  The process isn’t magic, yet it can be magical and of course it’s natural, fast, and highly effective.

Choosing a hypnotherapist can be daunting, so much choice but the first thing to realise is that every hypnotherapist is different.  Hypnotherapy often has a generic scripted approach but I believe that every mind is unique and should be treated as such so I tailor every session, to suit you and only work with you as and when necessary.

If you would like to experience the benefits of quick and truly effective hypnotherapy, getting started is really easy, contact me today.

What People Say

How it Works

"I feel like a new person I cannot believe the change in me, I feel so much more in control of my life and how I live it"


~ T. M

What People Say


Edward is one of the nicest people that I have ever met in my life. He is a true professional and is exemplary at his job as a hypnotherapist.  His attention to deal is superb, his ability to by pass the critical thinking part of the mind and get to sub conscious is truly breathtaking and is almost magical how after just one session, I felt 10 times a better person.

I can safely say, that after 35 years I feel the best that I have ever felt in my entire life and it is all down to the unbelievably amazing and effective skills of Edward.  To be honest, words just can’t do it justice just how good he is . I can’t recommend Edward highly enough. He has transformed me as person and I can’t thank him enough!


~ J. S